"I prefer architecture to design – the powerful feeling that comes from trying to understand people and talk to them, and battling with them and being in contact with them. For me, architecture is the creation of space. Architecture has the power to manipulate people positively. When I produce something, I am interested in how it's going to affect people. Architecture has this power more than any other art form."


"My stepfather René Roubíček, worldwide known artist glass-maker woke up in me the love to drawn when I was fifteen. Every day I watched René and his wife Miluše, also a famous glass artist, when working with glass, sketching, designing, drawing… René is an awfully kind man who treated me as if I were his own son and helped me to loosen up and find myself. He also signed me up for drawing courses where I learned the basics…"


"I have never been concerned with industrial design. I prefer to design something for people than to try to put something into a nice wrapping. Telephones, TV sets or video recorders, they are all only boxes in which something is packaged, but I'm not a wrapper. I don't understand packing a function into some kind of a shape. I am trying to arrive at a "functionalism" that one will be able to experience individually. For me function is only beginning, not the goal."

Paintings & Posters

"Mostly I did not have much time for drawing in my life, but I have always enjoyed it a lot. I did my graphic posters for new exhibitions, new collections of glass or furniture, design drawings for individual pieces of furniture and of course I sketch ideas for new things that I am currently working on. Most graphics I created during my long-term collaboration with Steltman Galleries in Amsterdam."