"Architecture belongs to a context, and that's its starting point. To take a project of a house and carry it around like a pastry in order to build it at some other location is impossible. This is what I also love about architecture. It's a part of life and an interpretation of contemporary culture. An architect must have humility both towards the place where the house should be built and towards those who need the house before she or he starts to build it…"


"Exhibitions are very thrilling part of my work. In my case, it's the same as with actors or musicians. I need to increase my adrenaline level in order to give the maximum output. Sometimes I myself am surprised that the work is completed. Most of the time, I find the power and inspiration at the last moment. I work the best under pressure. I am used to work to the limit…"


"Different rooms and spaces have different characters and person feels differently inside them. When entering a theatre, you have to feel something different than when entering a bedroom or an office. Unfortunately, architects seem to have forgotten how powerful they are… Architecture has been becoming more and more anonymous, like society. What has vanished from architecture and is only now returning in recent times: the treatment of the individual."

Project studies

"It is hard to choose my favourite architectural project. If I mark or categorize my projects in some way, then it's according to how they have moved me forward. But even that is difficult to decide. I have a relationship to all of them. Probably the worst kinds of assignments are the ones which are postponed and keep dragging on for variety of reasons. I lose energy and that initial enthusiasm which I have before every new project…"