Stijl Vormt Functie

The little glass set on the table before me is empty, drops of slivovica still glisten on glass. The waiter wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, mumbles something, and sails between the tables back to the bar. He had already delivered several orders that evening in the bar of Hotel Dukla. A road runs through the freely accessible basement of the hotel, and in it stands a small white Dutch bus with many windows. It is filled to the roof with the photographic equipment of Erwin Olaf, and boxes with the glassware, porcelain, and chairs of Bořek Šípek. The guard assures me that he will be there all night, and with much mimicry gestures that I can safely go to sleep. A worried checkup at three o'clock in the morning reveals thal his cubicle is locked and the watchman hasdisappeared. His mimicry was perhaps meant for himself. Meanwhile a small red bus bas joined the white one, also with many windows and filled with boxes in which much of Šípek's glass will be found. Tono Stano, photographer and friend of Bořek, has arrived with his girl friend Mischa Tomanová also a photographer, from Prague 600 km farther to the West. We are in Prešov in the East of Slovakia, not far from the Ukrainian border. Bořek Šípek, Erwin Olaf with his assistant Rogier Alleblas from Amsterdam, Stephan Potočnák who lives in Prešov, Tono and Mischa from Prague - all of us are here to make photographs for this catalogue.


Bořek Šípek

Book of glass and photos
Description: hardcover, 80 pages
Size: 200 x 225 mm
ISBN code: 90-5006-065-X
Edition: 2000
Year: 1992
Produced by: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Language: czech, dutch, english
Price: Sold out