Ajeto Glassworks

The Czech Connection
These two names need no introduction.each a star in his own firmament.Šípek as Designer, Novotný as master glass-blower; in combination they are majestic.
Heavenly Collection
The Ajeto collection is magical but no myth.
It comprises 45 pieces to be seen, touched and used.
Made of highest quality Bohemian Crystal, fashioned by master craftsmen at the Ajeto factory tucked away in the mountains of Northern Bohemia.
Hidden Treasure Revealed
These works of supreme and ancient alchemy are made available world-wide thanks to Espaces & Lignes in Brussels and the Headoffice in Amsterdam, "Venice of the North".An auspicious connection on every level.


1991 - 2001

History of Ajeto glassworks
Description: double softcover, 118 pages
Size: 220 x 300 mm
ISBN code: N.A.
Edition: 2000
Year: 1991
Produced by: Ajeto
Language: english
Price: Sold out